A More Powerful Vumeda V3

Published on 15/08/2018

As you're aware, Vumeda is Devoli's market leading, fully automated, internet and voice services portal. Through one pane of glass (or via our API), you can provision across every fibre company in New Zealand.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve the user experience and add more value to make your life easier and we're excited to share some of our new features (and major bug exterminations) below;

New Features

  • Hosted on multi-server platforms in separate zones for High Availability

  • Flat file data is now stored in Amazon S3

  • Database Data is now stored in Amazon RDS

  • In-memory temporary cache data is stored in Amazon Elasticache (Redis)

  • Change plan and Disconnect buttons added to Vumeda for UFF/Enable orders

  • Added new Email Templates

  • Added Northpower FSL info to Leo API

  • Cleaned up Slack Messaging

  • Loggly is now used for application logging

  • Triggers can now be set with 'Service Given' and 'Completed Status'

  • Auto Billing enabled for Devoli

  • Added a re-run Leo button


  • Changed Password Reset Token to last for 100 minutes

  • Locked down third party library versions

  • Added DKIM support for emails sent from devoli.com

  • Fixed a problem where empty payloads could have been posted

  • Database Users security has been restricted

User Interface

  • Added info on CSE

  • Notification UI upgraded

  • Prequalification Screen for Chorus has been restructured

  • Added Pricing to UI to dramatically reduce Quote to Order times

  • Updated the copper address layout

  • Updated CSE and Transfer Order Logic in UI

  • Navigation Bar cleaned up

Bug Fixes

  • History now displays correctly for Chorus b2b orders

  • Site Contacts now mandatory

  • Amended Transfer logic for UFF/Enable/NP/Unison Fibre orders

  • Contract terms are now recorded and going to the billing system properly

  • Fixed some CORS behaviours

  • Chorus transactions were failing to process because the Correlation UUID was not being sent back from Chorus in some situations. The logic will now fail over and relate the request using the Order number if it is unable to find the UUID

  • Auto-reserve will no longer present an 'Undefined index' error

  • Handover is mandatory for all data orders

  • Modify Attribute orders are no longer being ignored by the completion triggers

  • Added a fix to stop it submitting an RFS Date on Chorus Orders which don't require them when building the Payload to go to Chorus b2b

  • Fixed a bug with ADSL query site audit


  • Tidied up IP Tools and IP Management Classes & Notes

  • Added APCU and query caching to enhance performance

  • Implemented Automated Unit testing framework

  • Added a multi-price inquiry option – Via API

  • React Framework Added

  • Handlebars JS Tools Added

  • Added Habitation Name to Address Search

  • Improved NZ Suggest Address Search

  • Modified NZ Search Address Search

  • Added a CLI debug for Chorus call-back processing


  • Voice provisioning now includes 3 separate ways to provision numbers

  • If a location is set to carrier location e.g. (Access4-BroadSoft) then the trunk will be provisioned to be re-routed to a carrier. E.g. BroadSoft/Access4. These are defined in VoIP customers object

  • Otherwise the line is assessed and account pack is built as per usual. The numbers are only added to the account pack if it is NOT using location based routing

  • In all other cases, it will use location based routing

  • Implemented new 'Chunked' Functions. These functions will do a select to determine what is already loaded in the DCOM then attempt to load each additional item. This works around DCOM only allowing you to alter a single phone number at a time unless it is part of an account pack number string

  • Added ability to Chunk Remove / Chunk Add number locations which reduces pressure on the DCOM, only making changes where appropriate

  • Added a test for DCOM Chunking

  • Add nature of address options to table

  • Add AUS to Nature of Address

  • Added Toll Block Pins

  • Removed Discovery Method if enable peering is unchecked

  • Fixed the overwriting of a call diversion number when having the call diversion turned off by the phone using the 161 method


  • Copies Radius Username over to a new order if it exists & sets old order to NO LOGIN

  • Fixed a bug where active connections were not being reported correctly because old Order ID's were not being put on new disconnect or change plan orders

  • Added new unit tests for Chorus b2b orders (Query Order, Query Site Information, Query Product, Create Order, Amend Order (Dates)

  • Leo can now automatically set the order status to 'In Exception'

  • Fixed Chorus b2b event history with illegal .xml characters

  • SNMP reporting for online users fixed

  • Plus hundreds of small bugs have been squashed that were irritating us all.

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