Connecting Across the Tasman

Published on 12/04/2022

Connecting Across the Tasman

Wherever you are, you deserve to be heard!

Connecting across the Tasman may seem like a difficult feat when big gorillas and incumbent players don’t give you the time of day, but there’s an easy solution for this.

Let’s take a look at the challenges you’ll face with Trans-Tasman communications and how to overcome them!


Whether you’re mainly based in Australia or in New Zealand, there are always difficulties when moving into new territory. Here are a few challenges you may experience or should be aware of:

  • If you've ever tried to handle Trans-Tasman communications, you know the struggle of wrestling with the big gorillas, especially when you have a more limited presence on one side of the Tasman than the other. Finding your footing amongst the big players can take a while as you need to build your brand and prove yourself to the market.

  • It can be challenging to build and maintain multiple carrier relationships. There are a number of carriers and networks to talk to and connecting to them all takes time, effort, and a lot of management on your part.

  • Supporting customers in both Australia and New Zealand can be challenging when you don’t have a physical presence. You need a trusted partner on the ground to keep up with what’s happening on a local level, be active in the business community, and be there to provide expert knowledge on the environment.

Devoli to the Rescue

This is where we step in! We're your one-stop shop for telco solutions on both sides of the Tasman- delivering the whole package to make things easy for you!

Devoli works as the middle man and sorts out the requirements you need between both Australia and New Zealand. Our strong connection to all local fibre companies (LFC’s), carriers and national broadband networks mean we can quickly set things up for you. No need to go to each of the LFCs when you can just come to us! Our platform gives you the freedom and time to do more valuable tasks while we get things done behind the scenes.

Our team is agile, ready to give you support and easily able to aggregate the requirements you need in both countries. We have Devolians in Australia and New Zealand who understand the markets, manage the logistics, and deliver quality solutions without you having to even set foot in either country.

We’re your go-to for Voice, Data and IP transit services across both Australia and New Zealand. The products and automation we have in New Zealand make site qualification a pinch and we have a seamless digital ordering process. We’ve nailed it in NZ and our Australian automation is currently developing. Right now, our team in Sydney is able to design, quote and deliver Australian services so you can hit the ground running on either side of the ditch!

Come to us and we’ll simplify the chaos. We’re passionate about connecting businesses and people and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve this.

Are you ready to get things going in Australia and New Zealand? Get in touch today.