Devoli update on local fibre company (LFC) protocols for installation & support

As at 24 April 2020

LFC Protocols

The three local fibre companies (Enable, Ultrafast Fibre and Northpower Fibre) and Chorus (all together, the Network Operators) are in alignment as to how Alert Level 3 should be applied to our fibre businesses as well as Chorus’ copper business.

Resumption of all connection, maintenance, and build work

The Network Operators agree that under Alert Level 3, they will resume all parts of their fibre and copper business operations including all network build activities, all provisioning activity and all faults and maintenance activities, in line with Government and Ministry of Health guidelines.

Screening of customers

When working with customers, pre-screening calls should be made to the customer to ensure no one at higher risk of severe illness resides in the premises (High Risk) and no COVID19 or flu-like symptoms are present at customer premises. Jobs where a person is at High Risk or symptoms are evident will be rescheduled or completed on a no contact, no entry basis.

Contact tracing supported

They will have mechanisms in place to support contact tracing of customers, workers and work site visitors, where relevant, as well as make efforts to schedule work to avoid groups of workers coming into contact with each other.

Physical distancing and use of PPE

They will keep the workforce and our customers safe by maintaining appropriate social distancing where practicable and using PPE where this is not possible, in line with Ministry of Health close contact guidelines as a minimum standard.

Good hygiene practice

There will also be a strong focus on the importance of good hygiene practices communicated to field force contractors, for example regular handwashing, avoiding touching your face, and disinfecting surfaces and equipment.

Prioritisation of work

They may need to prioritise work for operational reasons. Where this is required, they will look to prioritise fault restoration, new connections, and support for essential services.