Datagate Case Study

Published on 01/10/2018

Devoli and Datagate are teaming up to provide their resellers with bills they can actually read and trust, and portal access to customer service teams that will significantly boost their ability to support their customer enquiries and faults.

The key is providing precise Detail Records (CDRs) and data and internet usage stats that are easily understandable and straight forward to work with.

The Devoli data is also accessible via the Datagate portal for resellers and customers, encouraging and supporting self service and an even lower-touch support framework for these new revenue streams. Datagate automates the entire usage analysis and reporting process, giving the reseller and the end user the information they need when they need it.

Devoli also uses Datagate to offer service providers a connection to internal financial applications via APIs, such as ConnectWise and Xero.

Datagate’s connection with these applications lets service providers integrate all of their pay-as-you-go billing into their financial applications.

Business Benefits

  • Any carrier, any service, via one portal

  • Automated billing and management

  • Strip out time and cost

  • Automated analysis of spend and consumption

  • Connected to ConnectWise, Xero and other popular software solutions

Key Outcomes

  • Fastest, simplest way to enter telecommunications market

  • Automation gives competitive advantage

  • Addition of annuity revenue streams

Competitive Advantage

Devoli’s competitive advantage delivers one account and one portal to access all major suppliers of telecommunications services across ANZ, in real time (via Devoli’s RPA and API), for quote, order, provisioning and support of voice, data and internet services.

Coupled with: Datagate’s annuity-based billing, and real-time analysis of end-user data the billing and reporting portal provides.


Devoli and Datagate are offering service providers the quickest and easiest way to provision, support and on-bill telecommunications services in the Aus and NZ markets. Devoli uses automation tech – including Datagate for billing and end-user portals – to streamline and take avoidable cost out of telecommunications service provision.

Datagate’s connection with key financial applications lets Devoli’s customers easily integrate all of their pay-as-you-go billing. Devoli is winning market share by making it easy for service providers to generate new telecommunications service revenue streams and make existing services more profitable.