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The devil’s in the detail

As Kiwi’s we can certainly count ourselves lucky to have a world leading fibre network but the New Zealand retail market is highly competitive. Customers are less inclined than ever before to stay loyal to one internet service provider. So how does a virgin fibre start-up stand out when every competitor has roughly the same product?

Simple, it’s all down to service.

Providing by far the most responsive, locally based customer service was the USP that Stuff Fibre launched with when they entered the ISP market in 2016. They combined a no-limits approach of uncapped plans and no fixed contracts with a vision to provide a better, simpler internet experience and set about winning the war for Kiwi’s hearts, minds and data.

Sounds simple but like everything in life it takes effort and smarts, lots of smarts.

This is where Devoli, the devilishly clever automation company came in.

High quality infrastructure is key so Scott Brown, Stuff Fibre Commercial Director - Ventures Strategy, turned to Devoli for network management tools that would free staff up from low value and repetitive tasks to focus on delivering a world class customer experience.

Stuff Fibre takes advantage of Devoli’s bespoke automation and cloud based technology to provide their customers with a fantastic experience and their shareholders with a low cost operating model.

Devoli offer full service carrier and telecommunications infrastructure providing service to system integrators, IT service providers, cloud specialists, content owners, content distributors and brands with a retail client audience more.

“Devoli have been on board since we launched, enabling us to manage high speed network traffic at a quality of service customers expect from their fibre network “ says Scott.

The Stuff Fibre team were so impressed with Devoli’s data management efficiency that they moved all of their backend customer provisioning and traffic management to the company in June 2017.

“Right from the start Devoli were aligned with our goal of getting as many customers connected to fibre, as quickly, seamlessly and cost effectively as possible” Scott comments.

Devoli’s CEO, Karl Rosnell is proud of the partnership with Stuff Fibre and the speed with which they implemented their automation solutions. “Our development took about five months from receiving the brief to live testing and the customer migration process took less than three months” says Karl. “In a business where time is literally money our ability to pivot to cater for Scott’s project vision made a world of difference to the final outcome. It also helped that the technology and customer service teams at Stuff Fibre are high performers and a dream to work with” he adds.

A seamless on-boarding process is the key to acquiring new customers and generating high customer satisfaction scores and Devoli have certainly fast-tracked results for Stuff Fibre. Scott Brown says that improved operating economics and an even better customer experience are the result of Stuff Fibre’s partnership with Devoli.

“Stuff Fibre now has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in telecommunications at +55 compared to an industry average of -5” Scott states. “Karl instantly understood the business problems we were trying to solve and worked proactively with our team to solve them quickly. The team, at Devoli are highly skilled, extremely dedicated and great fun to work with, which was an added bonus!” he said.

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