Devoli provide network automation tools that free up time.
We’ve automated even the most complex of tasks to provide a lightning quick, easily digestible interface for our customers.

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With Devoli. We


the hard stuff

Internet Service Providers
Become a telco provider with Devoli. We'll help you leverage your brand and audience to create a high margin telecoms business.
Channel Partners
Devoli helps IT companies create new revenue streams by allowing them to sell voice, data and internet services to their clients without having to increase their headcount or train staff.
Our Products


(/vu:mi:da:/) Pronounced: Voo-mee-da
Access the full range of Devoli products and services via Vumeda.
A single online portal providing complete control and oversight. Vumeda also offers API integrations to help you connect your existing services. Provision across every LFC in New Zealand from Vumeda’s intuitive interface and you become your own  Internet Service Provider.