Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute has arrived in New Zealand.

Published on 21/05/2019

As announced at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in November 2018 Microsoft have now created New Zealand’s first Express Route site in Auckland.

ExpressRoute provides businesses a direct, dedicated and secure connection to the Azure cloud. Avoiding the public internet connection allows Microsoft to deliver SLA supported, high performance, low latency connectivity to Microsoft’s cloud and services.

Previously customers with business critical workloads in the cloud had to connect to Australia’s express route sites resulting in comparatively lower performance. Auckland’s new site finally brings the full power of Azure to New Zealand.

The business case for the new site was built by, Patrick Quesnel, Senior Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead at Microsoft New Zealand.

“The service will connect the business critical applications of New Zealand users to Australia and anywhere beyond on the Microsoft backbone and will be especially useful in connecting hybrid cloud applications and data sources. In terms of its network, Microsoft is one of the largest Telco’s in the world, he said. It also offers significant cost savings.” says Patrick.

New Zealand’s reputation as an early adopter of the latest technologies and cloud services was a key decision in Microsoft’s new offering.

Devoli is one of the partners working with Microsoft to launch ExpressRoute in New Zealand. CEO Karl Rosnell says:

“Many of New Zealand’s IT partners are looking for their relevant next move to add value to customers and make money,"

Devoli has been facilitating a similar service to Sydney on its own network for some time.

"We all win if NZ businesses dive deep into innovation and build smart cloud technologies for their customers," he said. "Microsoft ExpressRoute is the motorway, Azure is the destination and our job is to make sure that the onramps are clear for a fast approach. " says Karl.

ExpressRoute offers multiple deployment models including:

● Any to Any (IP VPN)

● Point to Point Ethernet Connection

● Virtual Cross-Connection through a connectivity partner at a local co-lo.

Microsoft has signaled its commitment to the New Zealand market by investing in a dedicated FastTrack cloud engineering assistance program in New Zealand over 2018 and launching the new ExpressRoute site in Auckland

“Our partners and customers are increasingly looking to reach overseas markets, and we wanted to help them leverage Microsoft’s international networks and resources more effectively,” said Quesnel.

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