Our team has hundreds of years of telecommunications, software as a service, automation and network engineering experience.

Our mission is to bring simplicity to the chaos of telco.

Our values centre around the themes of:

  • Small Beats Big

  • One Team. Always.

  • Automate Everything

  • Status Quo Sucks

  • Enjoy the Ride

Connect with our team on LinkedIn using the links beneath their photos, or email us directly at firstname@devoli.com.

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Karl Rosnell

Chief Executive Officer

Blair Woodbury

Chief Financial Officer

Jan Behrens

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Nicod

Director of Networks

Leah Middleton

Director of Customer Success

Michelle Peralta

Director of People & Culture

Jono Hoskin

Senior Technical Product Manager AI and Data Insights

Callum Barr

Principal Network Architect

Robin Stark

Principal Software Engineer

Anushka Nanayakkara

Senior Product Manager

Marcus Simmons

Product Manager

Jarrod Watson

Head of Channel

Teo Hamoy

Technical Sales Consultant

Peter Sutton

Service Delivery Manager

Sian Willicott

Account Manager

Despina Neal

Senior Account Manager

Hamish Penny

Account Manager

Monique Scotson

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Dom Nash

Principal Software Engineer

Jamie Tait

Marketing & Communications Manager