Our Network

Devoli maintains its own International Data Network which means we control the quality, reliability and cost of the services we provide as part of our portfolio. We manage our network according to very stringent architectural principles which means you get the best possible performance and network experience when using our services.

Visit the Contact section of our website for physical location details.


Our Trans-Tasman network is designed to provide full redundancy in the event of major failures between Australia and New Zealand.

Whilst our transport services take preference over our transit services, due to the non-contention policies on our network, we offer a very high standard of non-contention on our transit services.

Our Australian footprint has been established by building our POPs in well-connected Datacentres located in all states of the East Coast. Our solutions enable us to extend connectivity to any other Australian Datacentre or fibre enabled site as required.

New Zealand

Our domestic network in New Zealand is designed to be fully redundant with multi-10G connectivity between all our sites.‚Äč

Our main nodes in Auckland are located at Mayoral Drive and 220 Queen Street. We also connect to APE in Skytower and Megaport at 220 Queen Street and Orbit Drive Albany.

We are also connected to an additional 18 datacentres in New Zealand from which we can deliver any of our services.

Our domestic network extends down both the East and West Coasts of New Zealand for redundancy purposes and include handovers in all UFB locations


Our Trans-Pacific Network provides two paths into the USA. One between the USA and New Zealand and one between the USA and Australia.

We use these paths specifically to support the two distinct geographies of New Zealand and Australia and our short path options for both transit and Layer2 services provides the best possible latency between each geography.

We have nodes in San Jose and Los Angeles.

United Kingdom

The London Internet Exchange forms the base of our UK presence. Added in September 2014 we peer with a number of service providers at LINX.

We have found that our presence here has significantly reduced latency to a number of destinations for our customers allowing us to, yet again, provide our customers with a superior Internet experience.

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