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Microsoft’s Azure platform provides tight integration with Microsoft services as well as parallel batch computing and a broad range of cloud services and infrastructure features. If you’re looking for rapid deployment, operations and scaling Azure leads the pack when it comes to speed.

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Microsoft Azure

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Powerful Software, Trusted Partner

Devoli have partnered with Azure to deliver Granulier, a clever, powerful solution that allows point and click connectivity to the Azure Cloud with zero hassle. Create and deploy instances across multiple regions and manage your cloud environment from a single pane of glass.

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Low Latency, High Security

Devoli’s Granulier technology makes it easy to integrate directly with Azure. Get great performance, security, and snappy provisioning through our global peering network. With only a single interconnection point you can build an any-to-any secure environment between your Azure instances and other cloud providers.

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Frictionless Control

Gain control over the transit of your data between private and cloud environments while paying only for what you use. From day to day workloads to burst data get the bandwidth you need for the time you need.

Microsoft Azure

We are Global

Devoli offers the following Azure Regions:

  • Australia East and Australia South East

  • Azure Express Connect Auckland

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