Introducing Emilia Zambrano: Full Stack Software Engineer

Published on 12/06/2024

Hi Emilia, welcome to the team! What do you do at Devoli?

In my role as a Full Stack Software Engineer I aim to contribute to the translation of business objectives into software solutions. Through close collaboration with stakeholders, my goal is to design and develop technology that aligns with Devoli's strategy. From writing code to ensuring system reliability, I will actively engage with the Software Engineering team to ensure our solutions meet both current and future business needs.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I find immense joy in exploring the skies as I have been a pilot for over a decade. However, settling into life in New Zealand, a new country for me, has opened exciting opportunities to explore beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, and diverse cultures. I thoroughly enjoy discovering unfamiliar places around the city and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, I have developed a passion for yoga, finding solace and balance through its practice.


What are you looking forward to most about 2024?

In 2024, I am eagerly looking forward to several exciting prospects. Firstly, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue growing in my career, leveraging my skills and experiences to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Additionally, I am excited about how Devoli's dynamic team will contribute to my personal growth, offering valuable insights, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities that will further enrich my professional journey. Working alongside such a supportive and talented group, I anticipate reaching new heights and achieving meaningful milestones together.


What do you enjoy most about working for Devoli?

What I enjoy most about working for Devoli is the incredible people and the vibrant multicultural environment. The support and care extended by many team members have been particularly impactful for me, especially as someone new to the country. They understand the challenges of settling into a new environment and have been incredibly supportive, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable. It is reassuring to be part of a team that values not just professional growth, but also personal well-being and integration into a new community.


What is the most interesting development in recent times when it comes to your area of work?

The most intriguing development in recent times in my field of work would undoubtedly be the advancements in AI. AI has significantly expanded our capabilities, making tasks easier, more efficient, and even enjoyable in some cases. The integration of AI technologies has revolutionized various aspects of our work, from automating some tasks to providing valuable insights and enhancing overall productivity.

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