Introducing Robin Stark: Principal Software Engineer

Published on 06/02/2024

Welcome to the first of our quick-fire team profiles.

Simplifying telecommunications systems is what we do best. That's because our team are some of the most experienced in the business. Our engineers hail from varied backgrounds, and they're all passionate about making telecommunications systems easier for our customers.

In our first profile, Robin Stark, Principal Software Engineer and leader of the team driving continual improvement of our market-leading telco automation, tells us what he does and what drives him.

Hi Robin! What do you and your team do at Devoli?

Our team builds Devoli's software platform, including the tools that our customers use to sell telco services to their customers. I work closely with our product team and software engineers, providing technical advice, solution design, architectural oversight, and review.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

In summer, you’ll find me on a beach or hiking; the rest of the time I’ll be playing various sorts of games (board games, DND, PC games), reading, or subjecting my friends to my attempts at making food.

What do you enjoy most about working with Devoli and our customers?

Devoli is a great work environment – friendly people, cool offices, and a fridge that’s always full of good things.

Because we’re a small team, it’s possible to get a really broad cross section of experience, including outside of my own role. We work with a wide range of customers, and considering all their needs – from the one-person IT shop to the massive corporate – is really satisfying.

What’s the most interesting development in recent times when it comes to your area of work?

I would say LLMs. They have changed a lot of things, for better and for worse – the tools we work with can be a lot smarter and more helpful, we can spend far less time on repetitive, boring or boilerplate things, and we can start to enable our customers to work more intuitively - but a lot of human judgment is still needed as the outputs can look convincing enough for people to trust them, but not necessarily be true.

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