Why choose Devoli's wholesale-focused model over a legacy Retail/Wholesale provider?

Published on 08/07/2024

Legacy Telco Wholesalers: An Outdated Model

For too long, New Zealand’s wholesale telco scene has been ruled by three big players who primarily retail to their large Consumer & SME customer bases, serving wholesale customers as a somewhat secondary business. These legacy players can be complex to deal with and slow to innovate for wholesale customers, often resulting in clunky customer journeys and product limitations for these partners.

More than a decade ago, Devoli’s founders recognised this an opportunity to specialise in wholesale telco enablement and make it easier for other kiwi services businesses wanting a piece of NZ’s vast telco pie.

Leading the Change in Wholesale Telco

Devoli is no minnow in the scene – we’re a proven, long-established challenger that has successfully broken the mold to set a new standard for wholesale telco in NZ. In the process we’ve become the nation’s fourth-largest telco with more than 124,000 connections. The reason you may not have heard of us is that we don’t have a retail brand – we’re focused on providing wholesale connectivity, which creates distinct advantages for our customer partners:

1. Digital-first and fully automated

We live and breathe digital telecommunications. Our renowned software platform is vastly superior to old manual telco management systems, simplifying entry to the telco market. It delivers faster, more reliable services, meaning less waiting around for things to happen.

2. No conflict of interest – just pure support

The big three telcos in New Zealand play both sides – retail and wholesale – so their wholesale business conflicts with maintaining market share for their retail brands. This can mean less flexibility and support in wholesale pricing and service, which slows innovation for wholesale customers.

In contrast, Devoli is wholesale-only – so we’re all about supporting and growing your business, not competing with it. Our success is tied to yours, making our relationship straightforward and mutually beneficial.

3. Fair pricing and transparent deals

We believe in straight talk and fair deals. Unlike legacy providers, which can be complicated to deal with, our pricing is competitive and transparent. We offer flexible agreements tailored to your needs, so you get the best value without compromising on quality.

4. Innovation is at our core

The big three might have big infrastructure, but they’re slow to change. We’re different. Devoli is driven by software innovation and we invest heavily in the latest tech. This ensures you get cutting-edge solutions that keep you ahead in a fast-evolving market.

5. Superior, modern customer journeys

Devoli is committed to a seamless, modern customer experience. Our systems are straightforward, efficient and constantly improving thanks to our specialist product team, so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

6. Agility and responsiveness in our DNA

Telecommunications is a fast-paced world, so you need a partner who can keep up. Legacy providers are often bogged down by their size, whereas our digital-first, highly-automated approach means we can adapt quickly to your needs and the market’s demands.

At Devoli, feedback from our customers is directed promptly into improving our products to meet their desired outcomes. Legacy telcos may struggle to implement wholesale product feedback quickly due to contention with their retail product development priorities.

7. Straightforward relationships with no hidden agendas

Partnering with a retail-oriented carrier comes with strings attached. Devoli has no hidden agendas – our focus is entirely on supporting your business, so we provide a level of service and commitment that retail-oriented carriers can’t match.

In summary, why choose a wholesale-only telco partner like Devoli?

By choosing Devoli, you’re not just getting a service provider – you’re getting a dedicated wholesale telecommunications team whose success is tied to ensuring yours. Our collaborative approach, highly automated digital-first systems and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from legacy telcos.

Don’t settle for a typical wholesale provider – choose the proven challenger that will make your telco aspirations a reality at pace, without cumbersome conflicts of interest.

Contact our team and let’s transform your business, together.